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St. Anthony of Padua,
Doctor of the Church.
St. Anthony, pray for us,
that this ministry will
bear much fruit.
Patroness of Americas
pray for us.
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organization under
US Code section 501(c)(3)
About Karen Matthews, our founder

She began in January 2002 to distribute free pamphlets about the Catholic faith to anyone requesting them through the One Bread Website. In the first year, she distributed 250 packets of free information in 21 countries.

In 2003, she decided to expand this ministry beyond her own personal finances and recruited 20 other committed Catholics across the US and Canada to form a non-profit association. Then she applied for non-profit status from the US government and received that status in August of 2003. One Bread Lay Apostolate is a publicly supported organization and depends on generous donations from zealous Catholics such as yourselves to be able to provide free information to those inquiring into the Catholic faith. Jesus said in Matthews Chapter 7, Verse 8: "You received without pay. Give without pay." Indeed, salvation is a free gift. We don't want money to be a stumbling block to people receiving the gospel message. Your contributions are welcome.

If you would like to volunteer to work with us or receive a free Catholic evangelist kit, e-mail us at

Karen Matthews
Executive Director
One Bread Lay Apostolate
P.O. Box 2414
Sanford, North Carolina 27331

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