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Poems of Comfort

A Christmas out of Season

I sleep
in You.
I awake
in You.
I walk and rest
in You.

Lord, you weep
in me.
You smile
in me.
You work your wonders
in me.

My heart is not mine,
it is Yours for the world.
My breath is not mine,
it is Yours for all life.
My words and touch also not mine,
they are Yours for all.

You have come
--a Christmas out of season--
It is our beginning
without an end.

Tim Guile, Okinawa, Japan

A Prayer for Darkness

Lord, thank you
for the clarity
of darkness,

and thank you
for the simplicity
of loneliness,

for alone in the dark
I find you,
my most bright companion.

--In Christ,
our most bright companion,

Tim Guile, Okinawa, Japan

Life on the Ladder

One day after a long
life on the high step
of the ladder, I
descended to the very
lowest wrung,
and then on to the floor
under the ladder.
There sat Jesus cross-legged
waiting for me, in humility.
I sat with Him, cross-legged, too.
"You are now ready,"
He said, "to hear the story
of the earth that died."
He told me the tale:
that the earth had darkened,
but one act of humility
breathed back life
into all creation.
He told the story
without looking away
from me.
"May I sit here
with you under the ladder
the rest of my days?"
I asked.

--Tim Guile, Okinawa, Japan

To All Things Broken,

I am a brother.
To the fallen, crumpled
autumn leaf,
I am a brother.
To the splintered mirror,
I am a brother.
To the shattered heart,
I am a brother.
To countries bound
and oppressed,
I am a brother.
To all human history,
I am your imprisoned
And I am your God.

--Tim Guile, Okinawa, Japan

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