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Catholic Magazine Gift Subscriptions

One way to introduce non-Catholics to the teachings of the Catholic Church is to give them access to good reading material. We suggest that interested Catholics donate gift subscriptions of Catholic Magazines to doctors' and dentists' offices in their communities. Consider looking up the names and addresses of doctors and dentists offices, prisons, and nursing homes in your area and contact some of the following Catholic magazines directly to purchase gift subscriptions for them.

Suggested Catholic Magazines:

Love One Another Magazine
(586) 939-5022

Gilbert Magazine
(800) 343-2425

Crisis Magazine
(202) 861-7790

Lay Witness Magazine
(800) 693-2484

Envoy Magazine
(800) 55-ENVOY
(800) 553-6869

This Rock Magazine
(888) 291-8000

Catholic Digest
(303) 604 0765 Single Subscriptions
(860) 536 2611 X183 Multiple Subscriptions

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